Me In A Nutshell 

I am a wife, mommy to two little boys and our sweet little girl.  My passion for health and wellness stemmed from my own personal health struggles and I think a healthy lifestyle is an essential way to be the best ME I can be!


Our Story

Most think a their health and fitness journey has to come from a place of making a huge weight loss transformation, for me that was not the case.  Since the age of 16 I have suffered from debilitating migraines, cysts on my ovaries, kidney stones, and severly low blood sugar.  For years I "managed" if you want to call it that with perscriptions for most and for low blood sugar I coped with candy.   Being an athlete my entire school career I was active enough to make this work for me.  When I turned 18 I followed my heart for LOVE and moved across the country.  Mix a serious halt in my physical activity with severe home sickness and my health spiraled out of control.  I coped with baking (aka eating) and routine medications to keep my issues at bay.  My then boyfriend (now hubby) stuck by me through it all, even when things got scary and words such as pre cancerous cells were thrown around, 6 weeks of treatment, the works and he held my hand through it all.  I lost weight in the unhealthy way, skipping meals and over exerting myself!


We soon after married and with in a year were pregnant with our first. I had a realitvely healthy pregnancy as far as no complications.  I ate horribly from my excuse of I was working 40-60 hrs a week managing a busy salon.  I was on my feet constantly and only gained 20lbs.  I delivered almost 6 weeks early and it ended up in an emergency c-section.  Through that whirlwind I was a first time Mom, learning to nurse, and recoving from a major surgery.  It took a toll on my emotionally and physically.  I was able to nurse like a champ but the result was losing weight so drastically that I ate whatever I could get my hands on to keep up my supply. This still resulted me in ending up at a whopping 104lbs.  WAY to small for me.  However ... SURPRISE, when my son turned 1 we found out a month later we were expecting #2!! 


With baby #2 I had just wrapped up nursing and my habit of eating whatever I could get my hands on didn't end there.   Resulted in rapid weight gain, my Dr. asking if I needed to consult a nutritionist, and last time I weighed myself (or looked at the scale at the Dr.) I had put on 36lbs...but that was at roughly 7 months.  My water broke at nearly 4 weeks early and the state I was in at the time did not support vbacs so I had another c-section.  This little guy really struggled nursing, I was chasing a 1 yr old and continued to eat to manage my stress and my milk suppply.  At about 3 months he finally caught on to nursing and my habit stayed strong.  When he was 6 months old talk about a big tropical vacation started taking place and I looked in the mirror and cried, not that I was overweight, but I didn't recognize what I saw.  My body wasn't ME.  I am ok with changes that our body make, I can accept that, my scar didn't bother me.  I was unhealthy, not active at all, had no idea what good nutrition meant.  All of the above resulted in SEVERE migraines that ended me in the hospital ER 3-4 times a month.  Passing out in random places from low blood sugar, even worse was when my husband was at work and I called to say something isn't ok and the line goes blank... It was happening when I was home alone with my boys.  

The Result

Dr. after Dr. handed me perscriptions and sent me on my way.  I found Insanity online and thought MAN, I used to be an athlete, I can do this.  I started and quit at least 4 times.  Finally after many months of research I sought out a Naturopath, after talking about vitamins and nutrition and me giving excuse after excuse he recommened Shakeology to me.  It was all my needs in one shake a day.  I actually told him NO several times and he made it simple.  PERSCRIPTIONS OR SHAKEOLOGY.  Easy enough.  Within a week, not only did I feel different but the next week I realized I hadn't taken ONE not even ONE migraine pill.  My energy was level through out the day.  I hadn't went through my candy stash.  I didn't want to get too optimistic so I didn't scream it from the roof to even my husband.  I gave it 30 days and went to the Dr. and when I was able to tell him that I didn't need a refill, that was it.  That was the day I really dove in to making a lifestyle change.  I researched HOURS upon HOURS of nutrition, clean eating, and how it effects EVERYTHING we do.  I pushed play on Insanity and I didn't quit.  2 years later I sit here writing this.  I still drink Shakeology EVERYDAY.  I push play to various programs.  I have RECLAIMED MY LIFE.  Now I get to help others do the same.  My passion is stemmed from personal experience and to be the best me for my family.  

I shared a little more on a call I did for those wanting to know a little more about what I do as a coach, you can check it out by clicking HERE!!