My Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan & Schedule

I get asked daily about my fitness routine and what I eat and when!  

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Have you ever struggled breaking through a plateau?  Maybe you understood the fitness concept but nutrition was too confusing.  Both of those were me and after my 3rd babe and 3rd csection I made great progress but quickly approaching 30 I wanted to be in  the best shape of my life.  I wanted to kick post partum blues and just FEEL GOOD.  

After a lot of research on things I struggled with the most ... headaches, not sleeping, hormones out of whack, and more I decided that intermittent fasting was right for me.  It was an adjustment but now I am just blown away with the results and how much better I feel.  Plus, seeing abs on your 30's with 3 kids is fun too!  

You can snag my exact meal plan and schedule HERE!  I will be sharing any changes I make and additional meal plans as I embark on a new fitness routine in July!!  Its all about ultimate flexibility which is key for me!  Between sports, school, and multiple businesses ... can I get an AMEN on finding something that fits in that crazy schedule.  


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Kid Approved Clean Eating Banana Muffins

Parents this one is for you too.  We are in week 3 of school over here, that is so hard to believe.  Already I was finding myself scrambling to find ways to switch up the lunchbox routine.  That could make for a long year.  My kids went a little crazy with their lunch accounts last year so this is a little for my sanity as much as it is for their belly. 

Clean Eating Banana Muffins

After a pile of health issues myself I prefer to know what is in my kids foods, especially if I am packing it and sending it to school.  Costco muffins are great but these are the perfect portion size, clean ingredients, super moist, and best of all kid approved.  

I must admit this isn't my go to recipe, however I used a tool to help me find a recipe with ingredients I did have, and BAM.  Pinterest came through as always.   This was a last minute, baking is my therapy and it was late baking session so I only have a finished product, but I had to keep the kids out of them before bed and limit 1 for breakfast, because YES, there is one in your lunchbox too.   

Check out the recipe over here at Sweet As Honey  Only tweak I made was adding mini dairy free chocolate chips!! 

I will work on posting my tried and true this week!!! Enjoy

Green Mountain Smoker - Meal Prep Lifesaver

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Looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life?  Look no further and learn from me ... I fought the purchase of a smoker for a year.  Now I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  Don't tell my husband, he is already proud enough of himself!!  ;) 

Are you a meal prepper?  If you know me you know that is my key ingredient to making a lifestyle change and sticking to it.  If its done, its easier to stick with it then if I have to make a decision in the moment of what to cook.  Want to cook less?  Are you catching my drift here?  Don't wait, BUY THE SMOKER!!  

I want to give you my personal opinions on our latest purchase -- one that my husband has been trying for over a year to convince me of.  He insisted he was getting a smoker but we were looking at big ones to replace the grill and they were easily over $1200+ and I was just not convinced that was necessary.  Fast forward to us getting our RV and setting out on a 5300 miles cross country road trip, before we took off for the East Coast in true John fashion, an Amazon package showed up on the door step.  If you aren't a Prime member, do yourself a favor and make it happen.  

John decided a tailgating edition would be perfect for size and ease of camping!!  I think waiting for us to get to our first stop so he could try out his smoker was the hardest thing for John to do, but he bought a brisket and he was so excited to smoke it as soon as we got to North Carolina.   It was DELIC, but let me tell you the best part.  We were at a campground and the boys wanted to ride bikes, go swimming, going back and forth to check the crab pots, so just hanging around wasn't going to set well with the kids, rest assured, this smoker has built in wifi and an app so that we could still be on the go and check the temps of the meat, turn it up or down based on how our day was playing out ... so as we were swimming John was checking his app to ensure it was on track.  AMAZING! 

That night for John's birthday we got to enjoy that brisket.  Enjoy we did.  He smoked it with hickory for 10-12 hrs and y'all it was DELIC.   You can see below, he was very happy with himself and his brisket. 

Clearly my husband thinks he is the big winner here, however let me just tell you as a wife and mom and 2 business owner ... I am the real winner here.   He has completely taken over cooking the meat for every meal.  Buying, prepping, and smoking our meals.  EVERY NIGHT.   So I just play into it, wow babe, YOU WERE RIGHT.  This IS the best purchase.  I will remain humble and thankful if it means he continues cooking!  Can I get an AMEN!? 

For real though, I spent YEARS making chicken, we've been together 12 years, I love chicken and if you are trying to make changes in your life and nutrition you know they tell you eat lots of chicken.  I loathe dry chicken.  Like making changes isn't hard enough you throw dry chicken in there and it is probably why people throw in the towel.  HA!  Chicken will never be the same.  I will cook my own chicken ( I mean have John cook it ) and take it with me everywhere I go.   Let me just show you the beautiful chicken we have been eating.  

Not convinced yet?  We went out to eat and I was less than impressed with my options but I ordered chicken, I gagged, couldn't even swallow it.  I paid $12 for grilled chicken and left without eating it.  Went home and asked John to make me chicken.  I had to go to a work conference for 3 days and I had John smoke me some chicken to prep and take with me.  It was DEVINE.  Meal prepping has forever changed.  No more boring dry chicken you have to choke down.  

Anyone else's husband been begging you for a smoker?  If so, now is the time to get him the gift that keeps on giving.  

Intermittent Fasting 101

Have you found yourself at a plateau and doing everything you can to break through it with no success?  This pretty much wraps up where I was in my journey ... after having my 3rd baby and 3rd c-section I busted my butt for 20 months and I've had amazing results using Beachbody home workouts programs, shakeology, and portion control system with clean eating.  It truly is my go to, in fact I still use it all but I really needed to dive into to something that would help me push through this barrier I seemed to have hit.  Please keep in mind this is my personal journey and I am not a medical professional. 

While I have heard it all -- you look great, your already skinny enough, go eat something ... please keep in mind this is my journey, posing can make things seem more "in tact" and can I say it again this is my journey.  I have loose skin, things look great standing up but sitting down I have rolls.  I am human and I love the progress I have made but still would love to tighten up the skin and see the abs that I know are under there!!  My body has been on a roller coaster of shapes and sizes in the last 12+ years and my journey started and will always be focused on the health aspect not the weight.   The whole reason behind what started my journey was chronic migraines, severely low blood sugar, kidney stones, and ovarian cysts on the regular.  This led me on the path to health.  

That is my story summed up for you.  Now lets talk INTERMITTENT FASTING.  Lets talk how it can help you for several reasons in your life.  Fasting is NOT for everyone and while it is intriguing to try new things it is important to find what works for YOU.  What works for me may not have the same effect for others, its all trial and error.  That being said I think it is important to allow TIME to see if it works for you -- always a full 7 days -- preferrably 2-3 weeks to be sure.  

I found this graphic and article to be beneficial when I was looking into the benefits.  While I don't follow their specific plan I feel like they did a great job laying out the benefits.  There are several "methods" of IF out there however I will always be a firm believer in eating enough, good clean foods, at least 3 meals a day in your window.  I personally do the 16:8.  That means I eat all my allowance of calories in an 8 hr window.  I follow the fix portion control container system based on the fitness program I am doing at that time and eat those containers in my 8 hour window.  I won't lie it was an adjustment for me as I was eating every 2 hrs prior to this.  It has been very eye opening for me and I had to work through some kinks but the benefits have been amazing for me and so worth it.

Here is my schedule ... I am flexible as my life is chaos with 3 littles and a hubby who works 12 hour days so if I need to flex this an hr give or take to fit my needs I don't hesitate.  REMEMBER, making this sustainable is the goal. 

7 am wake up 

8 -9 am bulletproof coffee (optional) 

10-11 am PREFERRED time to workout for me 

11-12 First meal of the day

3 pm Afternoon meal  

6-7 pm Dinner 

7-8 pm KITCHEN CLOSES -- fasting starts

10-11 Bedtime 


If I feel hungry in between my meal times I will eat, I don't believe in deprivation but again I keep it clean wholesome foods.  I believe in 80/20 lifestyle so if I have cravings I don't deny them all the time, just all things in moderation.   I personally do not do "flexible dieting" or Keto diet -- personal preference on my end.  I only drink water, tea, or coffee as well in my fasted state (and during the day) 

I would love to hear any questions or success stories you have on IF -- since starting this journey for myself I have totally nerded out on nutrition!!  Who knew I would find a new passion in all of this!!  If you want to know anymore and dive deeper into IF with me I have a FREE group here!! 

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