Kid Approved Clean Eating Banana Muffins

Parents this one is for you too.  We are in week 3 of school over here, that is so hard to believe.  Already I was finding myself scrambling to find ways to switch up the lunchbox routine.  That could make for a long year.  My kids went a little crazy with their lunch accounts last year so this is a little for my sanity as much as it is for their belly. 

Clean Eating Banana Muffins

After a pile of health issues myself I prefer to know what is in my kids foods, especially if I am packing it and sending it to school.  Costco muffins are great but these are the perfect portion size, clean ingredients, super moist, and best of all kid approved.  

I must admit this isn't my go to recipe, however I used a tool to help me find a recipe with ingredients I did have, and BAM.  Pinterest came through as always.   This was a last minute, baking is my therapy and it was late baking session so I only have a finished product, but I had to keep the kids out of them before bed and limit 1 for breakfast, because YES, there is one in your lunchbox too.   

Check out the recipe over here at Sweet As Honey  Only tweak I made was adding mini dairy free chocolate chips!! 

I will work on posting my tried and true this week!!! Enjoy