My Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan & Schedule

I get asked daily about my fitness routine and what I eat and when!  

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Have you ever struggled breaking through a plateau?  Maybe you understood the fitness concept but nutrition was too confusing.  Both of those were me and after my 3rd babe and 3rd csection I made great progress but quickly approaching 30 I wanted to be in  the best shape of my life.  I wanted to kick post partum blues and just FEEL GOOD.  

After a lot of research on things I struggled with the most ... headaches, not sleeping, hormones out of whack, and more I decided that intermittent fasting was right for me.  It was an adjustment but now I am just blown away with the results and how much better I feel.  Plus, seeing abs on your 30's with 3 kids is fun too!  

You can snag my exact meal plan and schedule HERE!  I will be sharing any changes I make and additional meal plans as I embark on a new fitness routine in July!!  Its all about ultimate flexibility which is key for me!  Between sports, school, and multiple businesses ... can I get an AMEN on finding something that fits in that crazy schedule.  


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