10.5 Weeks - Post Baby Fitness

Life has been crazy, 10 weeks has flown by for me and it has been full of many ups and downs.  On top of adjusting to being a Mom of three, we have traveled, had guests, experienced death, weddings, and reunions.  In the mix of all of that I have loosely followed a nutrition guide and eased back into working out.  

So here we are 10 weeks after baby #3 and I am about to embark on my first true fitness challenge.  In my mind I am ready, I have the tools, and my pre baby clothes are taunting me. 

I am no stranger to hard work, but doing it on lack of sleep and with a needy nursing baby, this will be a whole new challenge for me.  My vibe is my home workouts, my tribe are my other momma's in my online accountability group, it is my right fit, my safe place.   I have slowly seen a few peek a boo's of my pre baby shape coming back and it is just the motivation I need to keep pushing. 

Half the battle is finding what program will work for you and the right support system.  The two together make an amazing combo.

Lack of sleep, nursing, time, and money will all play a part in your plan.  So nothing wrong with baby steps and it is the exact reason I haven't been fully ready until now.  I have made good strides but still not comfortablly fitting into my pre baby clothes. 

Looks aside, having confidence can do so much for us new Moms!  Exercise helps fight depression and proper nutrition helps keep your body functioning properly from digestion to skin glowing!!   Plus for those nursing, you are burning 500-800 calories a day, but that also means we need to be eating more of the good stuff.  No, not bon bons and poptarts!! ;) So we will focus on eliminating empty calories and establishing a well balanced diet.  

In turn we will gain energy, motivation and sanity from a having a solid plan!  Motherhood is exhausting and emotional, so seriously I highly recommend finding something that works for you and fits into your lifestyle.  

So I start Oct. 26th!  Here is to accountability!