Baby Bump Tracker Week 10 || Fit Pregnancy

I am a little bummed I don't have my chalk board yet to track my weeks and progress but it is on my goal list for this week.  With Christmas, parties, New Years, family, and sickness ... it is safe to say not a whole lot got done recently.  I haven't really started "showing" yet BUT this morning I felt like maybe I am starting to a little.  My nutrition has been so off lately so I am feeling a mix of baby and just lack there of food ;)  I did get a good workout in today too so I was feeling extra good!  

How far along –  Week 10

Baby size of: Tart Kumquat (what the heck is that??) Looks like an orange

Favorite moment this week-  Family arriving and telling my closest girlfriends and lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over 2 years (with no sickness either)

Miss Anything: Real food.  Like solid food.  My appetite and my non aversion self to EVERYTHING

Movement: No

Food cravings-  Soup ... this is getting ridiculous  Also an oreo milkshake, I attempted a healthy one and gagged the whole time. FAIL

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Everything ... waaahhh Almost had to leave a cart of food at the grocery store when I saw the raw meat aisle.  Which I needed meat but couldn't do it.  I can eat food if its cooked for me but cooking it has been a fail this week ... makes me so sick even thinking about it let alone seeing it.

Have you started to show yet-  See pic above, I could just be bloated but we can also go with baby bump starting!!

Gender-   Wish I knew

Belly Button in or out- In

Other Notes: Next Dr. Appt is end of Jan.  This part of pregnancy is so weird, not showing but feeling miserable. 

Exercise:  We have had a lot going on and feeling miserable in between hasn't left me much room BUT I have managed to get in 2 this week I believe and todays felt gooooood!!!

Sleep:  I made it through the night multiple times this week...yay

Looking forward to: An appetite ;)  We have a VERY busy month so I feel like it will fly by I am excited to announce to the world soon and seeing friends we haven't seen in a few years and more family visiting!!  

Other random facts: The baby can smell, it is using its hand to feel its face and mouth, and it can now make a fist.   Best yet, its vital organs have began to function! 

We tried the ring on a string old wives tale with my MIL and it said circle was boy and back and forth was a girl ... these results were GIRL.  That is 2 wives tales for a GIRL!