Baby Bump Tracker Week 12 || Fit Pregnancy

How far along –  12 Weeks

Baby size of:  Tangerine

Favorite moment this week-  We heard the heart beat for the second time and we were able to tell our best friends in person!!

Miss Anything: Full night sleep on my stomach

Movement:  I can't feel it but at our appt. we could hear the movement on the doppler. <3

Food cravings-  Salty foods ... salt on foods haha

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Smells such as perfumes, not out of the ordinary for me but seems to be a little more lately than usual.

Have you started to show yet-  I would say I officially started showing this week.

Gender-  Dieing to know

Belly Button in or out-  In 

Other Notes:  My bathroom trips have lessened and my exhaustion has went through the roof

Exercise:  We went hiking this week and it felt so good! Ready to get back into a normal routine, hoping that comes with the 2nd trimester next week!

Sleep:  eehh...between bathroom trips, sick kids, and not being able to sleep on my stomach or back, lets just say there isn't much sleep happening!

Looking forward to:  We have more visitors on the way which will only pass the time until my parents arrive and our next ultrasound!!