Baby Bump Tracker Week 14 || Fit Pregnancy

We had a busy week with the boys uncle in town.  We hit the ProBowl, dinners out, Basketball games, then we made it to the Phoenix Open golf tourney, SuperBowl, and now I am absolutely EXHAUSTED.   We went went went for a week straight it feels like and I am hitting my wall.  Not like it takes much these days.  It was a really fun week full of new experiences.  We actually experienced like 4 days of very Oregon like weather, so sunshine, lots of rain, and gloominess.  So needless to say this sun addict is so happy the normal AZ weather is back!!   

How far along –  14 weeks

Baby size of:  Beet

Favorite moment this week-  Feeling more "normal" this week 

Miss Anything:  Energy 

Movement:  Not yet...when does the movement start!?!?

Food cravings-  This week has been chicken!!  All types of chicken!

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Nothing in particular it just comes and goes. 

Have you started to show yet-  My baby bump is definitely coming out. 

Gender-  No hunches either way!  Everyone keeps telling me I have to have a hunch for boy or girl and I definitely don't.

Belly Button in or out-  In!

Other Notes:  This week flew by and I am late blogging but at the same time it was such a long week, a lot took place.  I had a night that I was cramping all night long and the only thing I could do to relieve it was walk and it was the last thing I wanted to do bc I was so tired!!  Thankfully I got a good nights rest and I felt better in the morning! 

Exercise:  I think I hit 4 days this week of working out!! YAY.  Trying to get it in so I have more energy, its the most natural thing I can do to get some endorphins flowing.  Lots of squats, walking, lunges, and some weights.  

Sleep:  I have been working a lot late at night and then getting up to get the boys to school but the hours I am sleeping are beautiful!! ;)

Looking forward to:  Consistent warm weather in the forecast, more activities outdoors, my bump showing so it actually looks like I am pregnant not that I just like to eat bread, and more visitors coming soon!!