Baby Bump Tracker Week 15 || Fit Pregnancy

I of course and a little behind, I was having technical issues and I had to wait for my awesome new chalk markers to come in so my board would be more colorful!! ;)  Next week I will be polling for BOY vs. GIRL!!  So excited my parents and my in laws will be here when we REVEAL!! 

How far along –  15 Weeks

Baby size of: Cucumber

Favorite moment this week-  Tatum telling me the baby can see me out my belly button bc it is the babies telescope. ;)   Also sharing my first bump picture. 

Miss Anything:   (tmi) Not pee'ing like a normal person. 

Movement:  Not yet...anxiously waiting

Food cravings-  cucumbers ... can NOT get enough.  I easily ate 10 this week alone

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Nothing in particular, I have had a few waves of food in general making me very sick to my stomach.

Have you started to show yet-  Yay, yes.  My bump made a debut. 

Gender-  So sooooooon.  aaahhh the suspense is killing me. 

Belly Button in or out-  In

Other Notes:  I feel the most "normal" this week. 

Exercise:  I worked my way up to 4 times this week!!!  FINALLY

Sleep:  Exhausted and falling asleep right away, waking up with stomach cramped up bc I need to pee, not so fun but I am adjusting!! 

Looking forward to:   Valentines day next week, and our gender appt. coming up soon.