Baby Bump Tracker Week 16 || Fit Pregnancy

This week was a crazy busy and fast week!!  The boys had a lot going on for school and it was Valentines Day <3   This has probably been my best week of this pregnancy yet as far as energy, workouts, least amount of sickness, etc.   

We had a great Valentines Day at home just like usual we make a sweet treat of chocolate covered strawberries and John grills some amazing steaks and we keep it super low key.  He definitely surprised me this year with 1 long stem rose (think the Bachelor) and gave me Alan Jackson concert tickets.  It was really quite adorable.   

NOW to the good stuff.  Time to take a poll on if Baby #3 is a BOY or a GIRL.  I am going to list out the differences of this pregnancy vs my other two and let you be the judge.  Our appt. is quickly approaching and I can't wait to hear your vote!

1. With BOTH boys I found out ASAP (4 weeks)  With this baby I didn't find out until almost 6 wks

(b/c little to no symptoms)

2.  With the boys I was exhausted in my first tri mester SAME with this one

3.  I never experienced sickness with either boys With this baby I was so sick for pushing 4 weeks

(like couldn't barely move off the couch sick)

3.  I had NO glowing effect of pregnancy with the boys, this pregnancy I hear it once a day

(I don't feel like I am but everyone keeps saying it)

4.  I carried low with both boys, with this baby I have 3 people tell me I am carrying high

5.  My boys heart rates were low, this baby it is higher

6.  WIVES TALES:  With Braxton it said girl but was a boy, with Tatum it said boy, this baby it says GIRL. 

7.  WIVES TALES: The swinging ring test with both boys said boy, this one it says GIRL

8.  WIVES TALES:  With the boys I had horrible blemishes, same goes for this baby

9:  WIVES TALES: Hormones...With the boys I was pretty even tempered, if I cried hormonally it was probably over food ;)   This baby, it takes NOTHING to make me cry

10. WIVES TALES: Last but not least with the boys I had NO specific craving that when I ate it it was like YES that was what I wanted.  This baby holy strong cravings for very specific things that hit the spot!! 

Baby size of:  Cucumber

Favorite moment this week-  I felt the baby move ... three nights in a row!

Miss Anything:  Clear skin ;)

Movement:  Yes, I wasn't sure at first but 3 diff times in one night in the same place then it was 3 nights in a row, same place, between 9-10pm!! 

Food cravings-  Cucumbers again!!

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Braxton threw up this week and that was absolutely horrible to have to deal with

Have you started to show yet-  YES!!

Gender-  See above to tell me what you think!!

Belly Button in or out-  In

Other Notes:  I feel great this week

Exercise:  6 Days this week!!! yay

Sleep:  Been good, been tired but sleeping wellLooking forward to:  Ultrasound day!!!!!!