Baby Bump Tracker Week 13 || Fit Pregnancy

Ok before we get to the weekly update I promised people a glimpse into my first hormonla breakdown of this pregnancy.  I was really good my first two pregnancies, if I cried it was probably over food ;)  So this one took me by surprise and apparently by the look on the pharmacy ladies face at Wal Greens, I caught her off gaurd too!! HA  I can laugh now and feel free to laugh at my expense but I could NOT stop sobbing the day this took place. 

So I was low on prenatal vitamins and I needed to run to the store so I thought I will stop by WalGreens and grab a bottle.  My Dr. called in a prescription for me so I went to pick it up.  When I pulled up and gave my info the lady confirmed that I was picking up prenatals to which I agreed and she scanned them and looked at me and said that will $94 ... NINETY FOUR DOLLARS.  Yes you read that right.  I was like, Wait...what??  She repeated herself as if what she just said was completely justified.  We have pretty good insurance so I asked to make sure she had my insurance on file, to which she said yes and they are saving you a lot of money they are normally $170!!!!  WHAT!!!!  Literally the tears were forming in my eyes, really nothing to cry over, but I could not stop them.  So I thought, its like a 9 month supply...surely.  I asked her how many day supply is that, she looked at me straight faced and said THIRTY DAYS.   30 days?? Like 3-0 ... she said yes.  Que the flood gates.  Like uncontrollable tears as I said, does that sounds as dumb to you as it does to me???  She said, soooo do you not want them? By that point I was uncontrollably crying.  I was even telling myself to just stop crying, it was nothing to cry so hard over but I just couldn't stop.  

So I drove home to tell John how hormonal I was and how crazy the pharmacy lady was and her SUPER HUMAN prenatal vitamins.  As I started the story John looks at me and said, so you didn't get any prental vitamins???  que the angry hormonal flood gates once again!!!  I laid in bed for atleast an hour crying my eyes out.  After my hour cry session I felt completely normal again and in control of my emotions ;)

**I am happy to report I was able to go back to Wal Greens today and successfully got prenatal vitamins and they were only $13!  

How far along – 13 Weeks

Baby size of: Jalepeno

Favorite moment this week- Baby bump is making its appearance

Miss Anything: Energy ;)

Movement:  Nada

Food cravings-  Sour, Sour, Sour!!  Especially sour candy

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Car sickness got me good this week!

Have you started to show yet-  Starting!! 

Gender- 5 more weeks until we find out!!

Belly Button in or out- In

Other Notes:  Car Sickness + Pregnancy is seriously the WORST! 

 Exercise:  Have been desperately lacking in the energy department but I have been working out trying to gain energy.  Light cardio, upper body, and weights! 

Sleep:  I want to nap every afternoon, rarely possible but I have snuck them in on Johns days off and when my MIL is around.  I am not a good napper but it feels so good when I lay down!  Around 9pm I hit a wall and just want nothing more than my bed. 

Looking forward to: comes in the 2nd trimester ... RIGHT!?