Baby Bump Tracker Week 26 || Fit Pregnancy

We will resume regular tracking photo's next week, last week we were in Cancun and upon returning we had school, baseball, taking grandma to the airport, furniture shopping, and dinner with friends.  Needless  to say my board is still on week 24 ... whoops!   I have updated everything below, including gender update and weight!! 

How far along –  26 Weeks

Baby size of:  Butternut Squash

Favorite moment this week-  Seeing the baby on the ultrasound <3

Miss Anything:  hhmm...Can't think of anything at the moment

Movement:  Lots, she is active as can be

Food cravings-  Fresh OJ & Watermelon

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Perfumes

Have you started to show yet-  Yes

Gender-  It has been confirmed she is still a she ;)  Weighing in at 1 lbs 9 oz.  

Belly Button in or out-  In

Other Notes:  Post vaca procrastination has set in.  Adjusting back into routine is difficult.  Ha.  

Exercise:  I am focused on staying active as can be.  I met with my OB who is strongly supportive of VBAC's but she stresses nutrition and fitness

Sleep:  Need more ... is that a sufficient answer??

Looking forward to:  Oh man, baby shower, buying the big baby items, picking a name, finding a new car.  So many things I am excited for, I am so ready to cross them off of my list.