Baby Bump Tracker Week 25 || Fit Pregnancy

How far along –  25 Weeks

Baby size of:  apa Cabbage

Favorite moment this week-  Vacationing in Cancun and seeing baby move A LOT

Miss Anything:   Being able to breath when I bend over ;)

Movement:  Pretty sure baby was doing the tango all week long

Food cravings-  Orange Juice...real orange juice

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Bumpy flights, long bus rides, and perfume

Have you started to show yet-  Yes  

Gender-  Little Miss

Belly Button in or out-  Still in, but it is being tested with how far it can stretch

Other Notes:  This has been an AMAZING week full of memories

Exercise:  Live workout with Shaun T this week, so much walking all over the resort, it was wild how much walking we did

Sleep:  Or lack of ;) Not from baby though.  Seeing friends in Cancun, serious sun burn, late nights, early morning pool time = lack of sleep

Looking forward to:  Seeing baby next week on the ultrasound