Baby Bump Tracker Week 27 || Fit Pregnancy

How far along –  27 Weeks (what!?!? How did this happen)

Baby size of:   Bundle of bananas ... my app recommends I eat more of them maintaining blood pressure and heart function ... don't mind if I do!

Favorite moment this week-  We bought a car seat/stroller, I remember buying our very first set for Braxton and how excited I was and I set it all up and it sat in our front room for months!!  We bought the same brand combo for baby girl <3  

Miss Anything:   Baby is MUCH more active, ninja style at night, I am talking 10:30pm and later.  Whether I can't fall asleep or she wakes me up from it ... I miss sleep!  I tell myself she is just preparing me for when she is actually here.  

Movement:  So much movement, I love it it but it has been different from the boys, I carried them both so high and this baby is about as low as she can go ;)

Food cravings-  Dark Chocolate covered almonds, Fresh OJ, eggs, cucumbers, and watermelon!  A little all over the board this week...growth spurt?  My scale thinks so! 

Anything making you queasy or sick-  PERFUME...for the love of all things my sanity ... 1 squirt should be sufficient or none!! 

Have you started to show yet-  Based on the 3, "OMG,  your little belly is finally showing" comments this week ... safe to say I am showing!  

Gender-  GIRL, I am still in shock ... maybe it will set in when she is here.

Belly Button in or out-  In but being stretched

Other Notes:  I still have so many things on my to do list and we have a lot coming up!!  I am trying to keep a handle on my emotions but lets just say my husband is being a trooper and saying a lot of "whatever you want babe" ... I have a keeper <3 

Exercise:  Keeping up on lunges, squats, trying to fit in more walking.  Lowered my weights for lower body moves bc my balance isn't so hot NOT pregnant, lets just say it isn't getting any better.  I have remained the same or went up on upper body!! 

Sleep:  Sleep?  Le Sigh

Looking forward to:  My baby shower is this weekend!!!!