Baby Bump Tracker Week 29 || Fit Pregnancy

How far along –  29 Weeks

Baby size of:  Pinneapple

Favorite moment this week-   Tatum who shows very little interest in the baby has decided he will call her pickles, he has been asking a lot of questions and actually trying to feel the baby <3   We also heard her heartbeat this week!

Miss Anything:   Sleep and no heartburn ;)

Movement:  So so so much movement.  We are convinced she already has her black belt

Food cravings-  Ice Cream with caramel and hot fudge

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Perfumes

Have you started to show yet-  Just a little

Gender-  Girl

Belly Button in or out-  In but my goodness is it being stretch

Other Notes:   We attended a birthing/doula class this week and it was so informative!!  Made me more confident we can vbac successfully.

Exercise:  I think I made it 3 days this week, my boys had the flu and we were so busy with other things too that it was so hard finding time in between puking rallys! 

Sleep:  What is that?  Ha, between heartburn, movement, and bathroom trips ... sleep has not been on the agenda much lately. 

Looking forward to:   Seeing family soon!!!