Baby Bump Tracker Week 31 || Fit Pregnancy

SO I know I skipped a week last week due to travel and then when preparing for this week I realized I don't have my chalkboard with me so this week and next will be a little switch up from the normal.   It has been a great week in Iowa with family and now to decide where to start preparing "aka nesting" for babies arrival.  Aaahhh

How far along –  31 Weeks

Baby size of:  Head of romain lettuce

Favorite moment this week-  Being in Iowa with family!

Miss Anything:   Not having horrible heartburn that is trying to kill me

Movement:  All day every day

Food cravings-  I am in Iowa and I have these home comforts that I have craved.  Taco Pizza, AE Dip, and small town hot fudge sunday with nuts ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Strong smells and indulging in my hometown comforts!!

Have you started to show yet-  I was told twice this week that I am waddling =/ 

Gender-  Little Miss

Belly Button in or out-  Stretching to its max...its noticeable with a tight shirt on

Other Notes:   Totally crazy baby fact, she in on avg. 18 in long already.  At this stage they are with in 2-3 inches of their birth length.  That is nuts!!

Exercise:  I have been on the go all week since being home and have fit in a workout every other day

Sleep: I miss my bed 

Looking forward to:  Oh man, I am not sure.  Preparing/nesting when we get home.  Next Dr. appt.  Not heartburn.  Sleep.  A little of everything.