Baby Bump Tracker Week 35 || Fit Pregnancy

3 weeks of travel and I am so far behind on actual updates!!  It was so great to go back to Iowa and see family and get a break from the heat.  They are having crazy weather there now so I am glad to be back safe at home, however it has been 112 since we have been home.   I can't keep my body temps down and it makes me TIRED and sick.  Everywhere we go I seek out a fan!  I would have 3 on me at all times if John didn't think I was totally crazy.  ;)

I have been officially NESTING since we have been home, I have the urge to do some crazy big reno ... like I don't know my kitchen or bathroom. HA  The bug has bitten and I am making myself crazy watching DIY network.  Instead I have washed 900 loads of baby clothes, oragnized shoes and hair bows, we put together the crib, and packed a hospital bag for the baby.  I suppose it will have to do ... however John is back to work, I could always rip some cupboards down!!! HAHA  I only laugh bc I did it to him with baby #1.  SORRY BABE!  The kitchen turned out great though ;)  

Ok...On to the updates!!

How far along –  35 Weeks 

Baby size of:   Bundle of Carrots

Favorite moment this week-  Heard the babies heartbeat <3

Miss Anything:  Walking without the pressure or sleeping comfortable

Movement:  Yes, I am still convinced she is a black belt in there

Food cravings-  Fruit and Salad 

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Perfume & heat 

Have you started to show yet-  I think its safe to say YES, I am up 22 lbs 

Gender-  After all this laundry, pink paint, pink bedding, and hairbows ... it better still be a girl ;) 

Belly Button in or out-  Seriously feel like it is going to just rip apart but still in. 

Other Notes:   I am finding myself being SUPER anxious, good and bad ways.  I am so excited for her to be here and scared to death again.  

Exercise:  Squats, squats, squats ... they are my friend.  Makes me feel like I am stretching and at the same time working the areas I wish to work to prepare for labor.

Sleep:  Le Sigh, that has been missing for awhile

 Looking forward to:  Having a baby.