Baby Bump Tracker Week 36 || Fit Pregnancy

36 weeks, how did that happen so quickly?  We had our final ultrasound yesterday and it was confirmed that #babyt3 is still a she and our one and only hint for you on the name is #babyS ;)  We have went back and forth for so long on the name we have come to an agreement!! YAY

The tech estimated babyS is 6lbs 2oz.  At this stage in my first pregnancy I delivered in 3 days from now and he was 5lbs 5oz and with my second pregnancy I delivered in 8 days fom now and he was 5lbs when she said 6lbs + I was shocked!! I know that is still a small baby but this entire pregnancy has been so different so I shouldn't be surpprised.  So anxious to see how close those guesses are!   This unknown of if she will come early like her brothers or if she will stay put longer.   I have slowed down significantly on my workouts as my doula encouraged me to keep baby in until 37 weeks and as a good friend of mine put it, my body doesn't need much convincing to go into labor!!  So to be prepared I am using raspberry leaf tea for my uterus, evening primrose oil and dates for my cervix!!   Prayers are greatly appreciated as we approach out babies arrival and our attempt for a vbac2c!

How far along –  36 weeks

Baby size of:  A melon

Favorite moment this week-  Seeing babyS on the big screen

Miss Anything:   sleeping, breathing easy, not feeling the need to pee every 2 minutes (ha) can you tell my body is maxing out??

Movement:  MMmhhhmmmm

Food cravings-  My appetite has been VERY hit or miss, mainly I have craved fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Perfume or strong smells and getting too hot

Have you started to show yet-  Just a wee bit (below 26w vs 36w)

Gender-  She is still a she!!! YAY

Belly Button in or out-  Oh my...I feel like my belly button is going to just rip in half but it is still in 

Other Notes:   The constant thought of wandering when she will come is making this momma CRAZY!!! 

Exercise:  Down to 2-3 a week now, more walking and keeping active than actual full workouts.  Squats are my bff!!  

Sleep:  Can you describe to me what sleep is???  Body is preparing me for babies arrival

Looking forward to:  Hands down...seeing my baby girl!!!