Baby Bump Tracker Week 38 || Fit Pregnancy

How far along –  38 weeks

Baby size of:  Pumpkin

Favorite moment this week-  We got to see her smooshed face on the ultrasound

Miss Anything:   At this point a little of a lot but its worth it 

Movement:  We had a minor slow down in movement - hence the late ultrasound - they were able to get the movement they wanted and then the rest of the day baby was partying in there!! 

Food cravings-  Cinnamon Rolls - like all day everyday

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Perfume

Have you started to show yet-  Looks like I got a pumpkin in there ;)

Gender-  GIRL 

Belly Button in or out-  Still amazed at how far it can stretch without bursting 

Other Notes:   Today feels different to me ... keeping busy 

Exercise:  Walking, swimming, squats ... pretty much what it has boiled down to 

Sleep:  Lack there of, my body is just preparing me for babies arrival I am sure

Looking forward to:  Holy cow, HAVING THIS BABY!!