Baby Bump Tracker Week 39 || Fit Pregnancy

I feel tired!!  I have been emotional the last week or two and I think it is all catching up to me.  My eyes hurt, I am tired, still emotional.   This wasn't my favorite picture to take, especially in hopes that it is my last board update photo but I was too tired to try again!! HA  Just keeping it real over here.   

As much as I am ready for this I am pretty stoked I made it to 39 weeks I know that it healthy for the baby as my others were so early.  However I am getting close to waiving the white flag.  The baby is predicted the size of a watermelon and that is just crazy to me but I feel like she is too.  

How far along -  39 Weeks

Baby size of:  Watermelon

Favorite moment this week-  While it was for a non stress I got to see the babies face!!

Miss Anything:   I am pretty uncomfortable so a few things but staying positive!!  

Movement:  It has been very subtle lately to the point that I have had to really lay down and relax to feel them, others have been pretty slow going but I can see and feel them.  I think she is running out of room. 

Food cravings-  Cinnamon Rolls but literally as I type this the thought of any food makes me want to get sick.  =/ 

Anything making you queasy or sick-  See above ;)  plus smells and getting too hot

Have you started to show yet-  Just a smidge

Gender-  Girl

Belly Button in or out-  It doesn't even look like my belly button anymore, were on last days before it pops!! 

Other Notes:   From my appt last week nothing has changed, I am still dialated to a 1 and 50% effaced.  Booo on that but I know that can change quickly so I sticking with that story. 

Exercise:  Walking, sitting, breathing ... it all feels like work this last week. I have done squats and lunges as well as swimming.  

Sleep:  Last night was the first night I slept until 5 am without waking up to go to the bathroom. 

Looking forward to:   BABY TIME!!!  Really just the holding her part.