Baby Bump Tracker Week 37 || Fit Pregnancy

I skimped on getting dressed up for this weeks update, all the messages I have gotten today mean the world to me, everyone checking up on me!!  Baby is still holding content.  I never made it passed YESTERDAY with the boys so I am a little stir crazy.  I am enjoying this time as much as possible, especially knowing it is most likely the last pregnancy.  I am sore, experiencing contractions a lot, and my belly button is so so so incredibly painful.  If you know me personally you know I am the worlds most impatient person and right now when my nesting should be in full blown mode I can't even decide what I want to do or focus on one thing at a time.  I want to get my hair done, I want to lay in a pool, I want my house deep cleaned, I want to throw everything away and start fresh, LOL.  Must focus.   I did throw in a sneak peek of the crib below ... props to the hubby for the adorable crib. 

How far along –  37 Weeks & Counting ... 

Baby size of:   Melon

Favorite moment this week-  We heard lil miss's heartbeat <3

Miss Anything:  Trying to stay positive but ... hahaa  bending over to put shoes on would be cool

Movement:  Less all around movement but more subtle jabs in some interesting places ;)

Food cravings-  Veggies, oddly enough brocoli has been my go to lately.  Also dark chocolate covered almonds, that is all the time though. 

Anything making you queasy or sick-  Smells and too much heat for too long

Have you started to show yet-  Just a smidge

Gender-  Girl

Belly Button in or out-  About to rip right off my skin but suprisingly still in

Other Notes:  I never made it passed YESTERDAY with the boys, so I guess 3rd coming earlier isn't true and girls are more stubborn is true. 

Exercise:  Walking and squats

Sleep:  Pretty hit or miss

Looking forward to: Holding my baby!!!!!