101 - 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes

The FIX has helped me literally hundreds of my personal challengers! The great thing about the program is that it teaches you how to eat for life! It's all based on portion-control, and it's not a diet. It's all about teaching you the right portions, and it's flexible!  

July 14th you will have 101 new recipes to experiment with.  This cookbook is about to open up a whole new world for myself and my challengers.  One of my favorite parts of my accountability groups is seeing and hearing all the new recipes that are shared.   Fixate will include FAMILY/KID-FRIENDLY meals, VEGAN meals, GLUTEN FREE meals, and even PALEO meals. Takes the guesswork right out of it! Best part: they're easy! I don't have time for complicated recipes, with two boys and a baby due any day now I need easy, nutritious, family-pleasing recipes. That's exactly what you get here.

I'm giving away FIVE FIXATE cookbooks this month to new customers who join my July 20th Summer Accountability Group with a 21 Day Fix or Fix Extreme Challenge Pack! 

I have followed the 21 Day Fix meal plan throughout this pregnancy and my postpartum plan is to dive in with the 21 Day Fix Extreme to get my body back and know that I am nourishing my baby with proper nutrition.   Daily support, motivation, and accountability from me and the group of friends you will make who are taking the same journey is KEY to your success. It's how you create healthy LIFESTYLE changes. Maybe you need to make yourself a priority for the first time in many years...or ever. You're better equipped to take care of everyone else when you first take care of you, ya know! If you are trying to get back on track and you want your FREE copy of FIXATE, click HERE! 

You can preview FIVE of the recipes that will be in the cookbook here!