Postpartum Transformation - Hammer & Chisel

Why is it when picture day comes I get all full of nerves!?  I think sometimes we can have a skewed version of what we look like in our head and we can avoid mirrors and then the day comes we see a picture and we think WOW, that is now what I had in my head!!   Every part of me wanted to delete my "goodbye" or before photo's!   I was almost 3 mo PP with my third baby and third c section.  I had lost all the weight from pregnancy at 3-4 mo PP with a very loose round of 21 Day Fix but boy was I carrying it differently.   I against my better judgement decided to take my stats but base my results off how I felt, how I was sleeping, and my energy levels...then by the way my clothes and swimsuit fit me.  

It is safe to say our body changes each baby so I am still trying to adjust to my current body.  Areas that used to be easy for me to change or tone up with diet or exercise weren't as easy this time.  Plus I know how important nutrition is and my nutrition game was so off, way worse than I set out for it to be.  I am not a fan of excuses but I fell into them.  We have had visitors since Jan 1 and we have been in multiple situations where we went out for dinner, there were holidays, and birthdays.  While I am not excited with the choices I made, I know this is no where near the end of my journey.  I will continue to strive for new goals and continue to eat healthy, and never give up.  

I just wrapped up an 8 week challenge with Hammer & Chisel and Shakeology.  It pushed me to new levels.  There were definitely blood, sweat, and tears ... (literally)!  I am absolutely in love with this program and it pushed me in ways I haven't been pushed.  I saw results in places I've never seen progress.  When I started I could barely hold a 20 sec plank and now I can hold 60 seconds.  I upped my weights significantly.  I couldn't do 3 regular push ups and now I can bust through 15+ without feeling like I need to stop.  I did a pull up!!! HELLO!   My balance has improved significantly.  I have arm definition.  I totally got a booty lift (YAY!!!!)  I feel like I could keep going.  

My 8 weeks in reality took 10, I didn't "miss" any days but life happened and if I missed one I made it up.  Instead of my go to 80/20 on nutrition I was easly 70/30 if not 60/40 on some days.  All that said I am THRILLED with changes I have made thus far and I can't wait to see what more I can do, how much stronger I can get.   This isn't a desitination but a lifestyle so we will call this round 1.0 and I know what worked for me and I know where I can improve!   No hiding it, I am embracing it, and I am chosing to LOVE my post baby body!   My total results from Hammer & Chisel were 6lbs and 13 inches. 

You can see my progress from the beginning of this journey here!