Nursing a dairy sensitive baby

Gah, hearing those words, even when you already know it and have been there before.  Never gets easier.  CUT OUT DAIRY.   All the thoughts racing through my head.  But, but I love dairy.

I have actually experienced this with my boys too.  A little different but I was also young and naive.  I actually feel terrible thinking back.  My oldest NEVER slept.  Like EVER.  He was generally happy but he had classic sypmtoms of being dairy sensitive.   Then my middle son, his was full blown but still no one told me to cut out dairy, I kind of stumbled upon when I would too much dairy or excess of gluten my son would have crazy blow out diapers, rash, and would cry for hours.  As both of them turned 1 they weaned from nursing and their pediatrician gladly told me to start them on whole milk.  BIG MISTAKE.  So essentially we have been dairy free in the home for quite some time however my husband is full blown lactose intolerant.  Some effect him worse than others but ultimately it is best when he avoids dairy all together.  At the age of 2.5 my boys grew out of their sensitivity (as google told me they probably would)  We still didn't look back as far as what we usually have available in the house.  We do have pizza and go out for ice cream from time to time but generally we don't have a lot in the home. 

So when my Sky girl was really showing similar signs I sighed as I knew this meant no more dairy for me (the only one in our home NOT sensitive to dairy) que the hormonal craving induced tears.   This is becoming so common in this age that people have all kinds of food sensitivities and it wasn't until a couple years ago when I dove into nutrition that I realized how what we eat on a daily basis effects our health and our kids health.  More and more processed foods are being offered everywhere we turn and while I am not perfect I know deep down what the root cause of most food sensitivites is from all the extras in our foods that our body doesn't know how to process.  So I wanted to share how we survive with little to no dairy and how I can still nurse and reach my health and fitness goals. (please keep in mind we don't have to be 100% dairy free so there may be trace amounts in some items)

First up was coffee ... not that coffee has dairy but my creamer ... the beloved crap filled creamer had to go.  Don't judge it was my one vice.  However we are an almond milk drinking family so in reality there are so many great dairy free creamers on the market.  My fave being SO DELICIOUS creamer.   

As far as milk, we said goodbye to that a long time ago.  I don't remember the last time I had actual cows milk.  Personal opinion but I don't need the extra estrogen or hormones pumped into it.  We actually don't consume a lot of it but its a great alternative for shakes or cereal.  I love Simple Truth brand for our milk!!

A few other things for you to consider if you use a lot of butter!!  We actually suprisingly don't use much at all.  For the random days of pancakes or toast but in reality if I am not baking I could go months without buying butter.  I use olive oil and coconut oil for most of my butter needs.  I could right a whole post on coconut oil uses, skin, hair, coffee, cooking, baking, use coconut oil for EVERYTHING.  If you use butter I hear Earth Balance is a great option.  I don't personally use it as I mentioned its rare that we use it. 

I found this dairy free shopping list for anyone to print out from  I know it can feel overwhelming and scary but I think you will quickly find we can survive without dairy and not only will baby feel better but most likely so will you!!!  So many have sensitivities and have no idea, we think its just our norm.  

One thing I want to point out that a lot don't know and I didn't for the longest time.  SOY sensitivity is almost always hand in hand with dairy sensitivity.  Plus dairy has many other names so always be on the look out and do further research if this is a reality you are facing.  Good for you for taking the initiative!!!