End Of Summer Crock Pot Meals

The end of summer is nearing, sad I know.  Here in Arizona we are in Monsoon season or otherwise known as a Haboob.  It brings rain, wind, and lots of dust.  You can follow that up the next day with very rare humidity.  I feel like its been extra humid this year & I grew up in the midwest so we know humidity.  All that being said its flat out HOT!  We still have temps in the 100-110 and at this point I am just over cooking.  We are back in school and life is busy.  So yesterday we shopped til we dropped, seriously my husband was over it.  I vowed not to step foot in a grocery store for two weeks.  So we are making these meal work for us. 

We hit up Costco and our local Fry's only because I have a preference for my eggs and milk and Costco was fresh out of strawberries and cabbage.  We bought a lot of meat but kept it under $200 and as I mentioned this will last us two weeks as a family of 5.  

Now I must say prepare for your kitchen to be a disaster for a few hours unless you are organized in which case, teach me your ways!!  Oh and I don't cook on prep days...kind of a funny scenario but I grab a rotisserie chicken to get us by as I am usually busy for a couple hours!  

I have a set meal plan and shopping list that I actually use with my challengers but leave it to me to just grab random recipes this go around with no shopping list.  So I will be sharing links to the lovely ladies who inspired my crockpot meals this round!   We ended up with 6 meals, remember we are a family of 5, and with most we will have left overs for the next days lunch if not more.  

(To see the recipe CLICK the high-lighted words) 

We ended up with Pork Carnitas, Chicken Fajitas (we used our own taco seasoning), Teriyaki Drumsticks, Pot Roast, Pork Roast (same as pot roast just with pork/vegetable broth), & Cilantro Lime Chicken.  We will serve over rice, potatoes, or on taco shells all of which take just a few minutes to throw together.  Between three kids, 2 dogs, school, work, and sports I am all about SET IT AND FORGET IT.  Today ended up being a rainy monsoon day which was perfect for day 1 of convenience cooking! I popped it in this morning and it is a slow cook recipe so roughly 8-9 hours on slow.  I took baby out to play, came home and worked for a bit, and now I am being tortured by the aroma!!  I love clean eating, I love meal prep, but I love clean eating prepped crockpot meals even more!