Baby Bump Tracker week 6 || Fit Pregnancy

What a whirlwind to share!  Baby number 3 was a long time waiting but the end of November I finally had a missed visit from good ole Auntie F.  After several pregnancy tests, YES I went over board and took SEVERAL.  For almost a week ALL negative.  How could this be!?!?  For those who know me know that all those negatives were quite the cruel punishment ;)

Still, confident that I was infact pregnant despite the negatives I packed up the boys and we left for Iowa.  My first test I took in Iowa after two days of waiting very impatiently I GOT A POSITIVE!!!! Very faint and my husband was hunting in South Dakota.  Also if you know me ... patience is something I swear I was born without ;)

Being around all of our family was so hard.  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops BUT with our first two I told my parents and sisters right away and this being my last, I wanted to do it differently!  I really wanted to tell John in a special way BUT again I am super impatient and staying with family made it hard for me to be creative so I made him an ECard type of thing and shared it with him in private.  (see below)  I wanted it to be a surprise and special.  Just so happens I will be almost 10 weeks on Christmas so we made a SUPER cute Christmas card for everyone to open on Christmas.  We will see their reactions via skype!  (thank God for technology)  I will share the card with the you all as soon as I feel we are in the clear to share.  It really is pretty cute!!

I researched some really cute ways to track and share this pregnancy with everyone for a few reasons.

1.  I was TERRIBLE at documenting my first two, my first we didn't have amazing smart phones with great cameras and my 2nd ... seriously I barely remember it at all because I was chasing a 1 year old around.

2.  I was SO unhealthy with my first two, I ate WHATEVER I wanted when I wanted.  Didn't work out ... EVER.   Now due to serious health issues when both my babies were young made drastic changes in my lifestyle.  I am now a health & fitness coach, I work out 4-5 times a week, we eat clean and I am SO THRILLED to have a healthy active pregnancy.

3.  We don't live near family so I want to be able to share all milestones with them.

4.  This will be my last pregnancy and I want to remember it in detail.

So I hope for a few things with this tracker, to inspire others to be healthy and active during pregnancy, lord knows I needed that my first two AND that I can keep everyone in the loop!!

So here it goes starting with week 6!

Dec. 1, 2014

How far along - 6 weeks

Baby size of: Sweet Pea

Favorite moment this week- The news sinking in that this is happening

Miss Anything: Caffeine, Coffee, Java, Energy ;)  You get the drift!

Movement: Aside from cramps ... nope

Food cravings- Nothing specific at this point

Anything making you queasy or sick- I had an upset stomach all this week and last, not queasy but upset stomach and very crampy, no matter what I did ... yuck. 

Have you started to show yet-  NO

Gender- Impatiently don't know yet

Belly Button in or out- In

Other Notes: Hiding this from family is SO HARD. 

Exercise: Cardio was a little exhausting doing it with the heat on in Iowa but I managed

Sleep: Hit or miss, could be bc I am not in my bed, but weird sensations in my arm and restlesness kept me up a few nights while others I slept like a baby. 

Looking forward to: ENERGY and First OB appt.