Dear New Mom, 

I am in your shoes, I get don't just want to look good, you want to feel good.  You want to lean out, have energy, and boost your confidence.  You want your kids to have a Mom who feels good about herself. I agree, we deserve it.  The trouble with post partum weight loss is we don't have time to mess around and research diet & exercise plans.  We have a few other time occupying things going on in our lives, am I right?

Let me tell you, I GET IT!  It doesn't have to be overwhelming or time consuming. 

I just recently had my 3rd baby, I have two boys 6 & 4 and now have a 9 day old little girl.  She is such a blessing to our family.  I worked so hard for 2 years to get my body back from my first two.  I had two c-sections and did not take care of myself, tried every trick in the books but nothing was working for me because I was overthinking everything.  I was bouncing from plan to plan, desperate.  This last delivery was a c-section too and I am determined to not struggle for so long post baby!!  I have the plan that is designed, tried & tested, and proven to work and be beneficial for many new moms.  I am also exclusively breastfeeding so if you are too I have the tricks to help maintain your supply.  (this is not just for those breastfeeding, we just figured a way to help those that are and need the extra calories)

The solution is so simple ... it's almost comical how much time I wasted before!

We don't have to settle for exhaustion and frustration!  Let's take a moment to close our eyes and envision ourselves in our ideal health and body.  What does that image look like to you?  Is your hair and skin better?  Is your booty toned?  Do your thighs look better? (my trouble area) What about your arms?  Abs...say what?  Let's imagine our energy levels to keep up with our babies!!  Now KEEP THAT IMAGE, hold on to that feeling you get when you imagine it!!  

So much is possible in just over 30 minute a day!!  Just over 3 hours in a week!!

Are you ready?  Is it time to get that body you envisioned?  Gain needed energy?

I did this plan for myself and when I became pregnant again I knew this was the perfect plan postpartum and after consulting with the trainer and nutritionist we figured out what would work best for new mom's and also those who are nursing.  No guess work ... carbs, no carbs, weights, hiit, macros, and more ... who has time to figure all that out right now?  Not me!  As Moms we set an example daily for our kids and what better way to do so than taking care of ourselves.  Like I said I have done this program prior to baby #3 and got great results, I worked with the trainer herself as well as nutrition professionals, I documented my entire journey on Facebook, so naturally I knew POST baby this would be ideal for myself and many other new mommas.  

Now you can join me and do the plan right a long with me!  I will share my meal plans, you will have a specific calendar to follow each day!  We will work together and you will see how I managed my hormones and balanced my energy all while balancing my low blood sugar and kicking migraines ... you will have not only my support but the support of other new Moms on the same mission.  An exciting part for me, you will know EXACTLY how many proteins, fats, carbs (yes we get carbs), veggies, and fruits to eat each day to reach YOUR goals.  Plus it allows chocolate and wine if you wish ... in moderation of course! HELLO MOM BLISS!!

 A REAL PLAN FOR REAL MOMS!  Whether you want to lose, tone, or just gain better habits ... this plan will work for you!  You want results but don't know where to start?  Look no further! I want you to know you are not alone!  This photo below is me NOW as of July 27th, 2015, just 1 week post partum with baby #3.  So please know I will be doing this right along with you, a plan I have seen and proven to work and I am so ready to be accompanied by other new Moms on the same mission as I am.  Health and vibrance! 

"My life is forever changed by this simple method that gets results!! After the first two weeks, i had energy and didn't need my afternoon nap! After the first 3 rounds, I had lost over 30lbs and haven't looked back since! It is completely doable....30 mins a day to workout at home and sometimes with kids in tow! We ate very clean before but it has been such a beneficial learning process to do portion control and to NOT crave sugar anymore because of the Shakeology in my day! I don't know why EVERY mom doesn't do it or at least try it for 21 Days!!" - Kelsey T. (Texas)
"Loved, loved, loved the convenience of working out at home and only 30mins to complete the workout. After a week of using the program and shakeology I had more energy and was able to keep up with my young kids. My plan was not to lose weight at all. I just wanted to tone up. I lost inches everywhere and my body has never been this toned. We ate healthy at home but really learned what portion control was. My husband and I had lots of success with this program!" -Jennifer S. (Canada)
"Imagine this... Waking up, getting yourself ready, getting four kids ready, going to work for 8-12 hours, coming home, doing homework, helping the kids with THEIR homework, making dinner and starting it all over again. Now imagine doing that WITHOUT the proper nutrition and exercise. Now I can do all that and actually feel happy and healthy. Because I get 30 minutes every day to challenge my body and be fit and happy AND because I am finally putting the right amount of the right TYPE of fuel in. I feel like I can be ME again and have the energy to conquer the world (and the housework)" -Cheyenne S. (Oregon)
No worries, there is a 30 day money back gaurantee!  That is the confidence the creators have in their program.  They believe you have the rights to results.  Of the hundreds of women I have coached through this postpartum and not, I haven't had one unsatisfied return! 
What is this program worth to you?  Training with a trainer 1 on 1 in my area for 10-12 weeks is roughly $2500.  Each yr that would be ballparked around $13,000!!  Or you can spend $40-100 a month on quick fixes that when you are done the effects fade and you are back to square one!  We are important, as Moms we need proper diet and fitness that will get us the results and energy we desire.  
You can get a nutrition guide, seven 30 minute workouts, portion control containers, 30 day supply of daily dense nutrition, access to meal plans, ME as your personal coach, and the support and encouragement of other Moms all in a private accountability group on Facebook for $160 PLUS a free gift from me.  ALL YOURS TO KEEP...FOREVER. That means you can continue as long as you wish at your convenience with my support.