Why Shakeology?

Just over 2 years ago my naturopath recommended Shakeology to me for my growing health issues, after politely declining he laid it out for me.  Shakeology OR prescriptions...you chose.  I was 24, desperate, and a long list of health concerns that at that young of an age I should not have been dealing with. On top of that I had 2 kids under the age of 3 at home.  I couldn't handle the struggle anymore.  To be 100% honest I was NEVER a shake person but per my Dr.'s request, what did I have to lose?  With in a week I saw and felt a noticeable difference and since then my husband and two kids also drink it with me.  PLUS I am 6 months pregnant and it is helping my pregnancy in so many ways! 

Here are some of the ways Shakeology has helped me!!


Majority of my perscriptions were for my debilitating migraines.  It ran in my family but I didn't start getting them until 16 years old.  As I got older they progressed worse and worse.  After my first son I thought it was pretty bad.  After baby 2 they hit a peak that I just couldn't bare.  I was making frequent trips to the urgent care for shots. I had 4 perscriptions at any given time.  Some for prevention, some for when I feel them coming, some for semi bad days, and then the mac daddy of pills that would leave me bedridden for 24-48 hrs.  With in a week, literally 7 days of Shakeology, I did not need meds.  I have not taken ONE pill for a migraine for just over 2 years. 


Border line hypoglycemic, that is what the Dr. told me.  So yet again another perscription.  They even gave me sugar tabs to place under my tongue because I was very active and when attacks hit me, they hit hard.  My first incident I was garage saling with my Mom, I blacked out in someones yard.  I remember feeling shaky and then BAM.  It happened during volleyball practice, in the middle of school, and as an adult when I was running with my husband, and then the time I really drew the line...when I was home alone with my boys.  I would get shaky, dizzy, sick to my stomach, and then BAM.  I would black out.  The shots they give for low blood sugar are NOT fun.  This also played a big role in my love for candy.  As a teenager it was easy to say well I need to eat sugar so I don't get sick.  I was never educated on how nutrition, vitamins, and minerals could fix this.  Instead I was given pills or sugar.  I remember the week before I started drinking Shakeology, I was playing in a womens powder puff league and I had to leave a practice due to not feeling well.  The next week after just a few days drinking Shakeology I was so full of energy and felt great. 


Since I started drinking Shakeology my energy has been through the roof.  Daily between 3-5 I would have a major crash.  Could sleep sitting, standing, driving (ha) where ever.  I needed sleep.  I never drank coffee until after my second baby, I quickly became dependent on it.  Since Shakeology I have been able to cut out my second or third cup.  I can keep up with my kids and I don't have to schedule my day around afternoon crashes. 


Trying to cure all my ailments I talked about above, I was spending HUNDREDS on vitamins and minerals.  Most weren't even the real deal.  They weren't helping me much and lets be honest...I can't stand swallowing pills.  Not only was I getting ALL my vitamins and minerals plus 70 fruits and veggies each day, I started by replacing the meal I was skipping everyday which was lunch.  That made such a difference.  When I started I didn't have a huge weightloss goal BUT I did lose 20+lbs of unhealthy body fat from Shakeology/clean eating/ and fitness and my blood work has been NIGHT & DAY difference. 


I have always had brittle nails that bend and break anytime I see growth.  My hair is very fine and I had terrible split ends all the time.  My skin was very acne prone. Even as an adult.  We all know that is NOT fun to deal with and can kill a girls confidence. Since starting Shakeology my nails are so much better.  They grow much better now and don't break near as easily.  My hair grows at a much more rapid rate.  People compliment me on my skin, SAY WHAT?  Everytime I hear it I am still that acne covered teenage girl and I think, wait are they talking to me?  They aren't perfect by any means BUT so much better than they ever have been. 


Migraines has been my favorite transformation from Shakeology until I got pregnant.  It has helped me so much and I was determined to have the healthiest pregnancy I could.  Especially since my first two were anything but.  I took my beloved Shakeology to a nutritionist at my OB office and I got the approval.  I still always recommened each of my pregnant customers to consult their Dr. BUT I also like to remind them Dr's are not nutritionists.  My first OB told me I was good to drink soda and I wanted a big mac to indulge.  Yes, I loved him at the time but I have no reservations with putting whole foods into my body with all the vitamins and minerals and a surplus of fruits and veggies.  I am 6 months pregnant now and I have gained 11 lbs.  My Dr. is pleased with my gain.  He knows I drink my Shakeology daily and work out 3-5 times a week.  I do have recommendations from him as far as Shakeology & prenatal vitamins that I am happy to discuss with any of you!!  

These are just some of the ways Shakeology has helped me and I know it can help you too.  I am such an advocate for nutrition & wellness.  The best part for those considering Shakeology (aside from the variety of flavors, dairy & non dairy, vegan & non vegan) it comes with a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  That is right, you have NOTHING to lose.  Just all the health to gain.